Tuesday, March 20, 2012

STRANGE RITES is now on the Blood Harvest upcoming releases page. Click our cover to see a review of our demo, courtesy of our pal, Mike Abominator (from his Welcome to Hell vol. 10 over at metalmaniacs.com)!!


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Strange Rites

Our debut record, STRANGE RITES, is finally finished. The recording has been mixed and mastered by our friend, Ryan Butler, at his Arcane Digital Recordings compound. He's done great work with Gravehill and Exhumed, not to mention his own band, Landmine Marathon, among others. We'll post a track or two very soon. In the meantime, we are just finishing up some loose ends before we send all the stuff out to Blood Harvest. Still looking for someone to put out the CD version! Here's the track list:

Scribbled In Dust
Beyond the Seventh Door
Annihilated Memory
Gift to the Gods
We Shall Sleep
Terminal Delirium
The Third Day
Fallen Colossus
Remarkable Conqueror

We are also pleased to share the cover art for STRANGE RITES, which has been done so gloriously by none other than Putrid Matt!