In the somewhat quiet recesses of Pittsburgh, ABYSME began to coagulate and stir in the year 2006. Formed by guitarist/vocalist Brad Heiple, who began playing death metal as a teenager in 1990 as a founding member and songwriter in FUNERUS, and drummer Timothy R. Williams, who had roots in the punk and hardcore scene, playing with DAVENPORT, AUS-ROTTEN and HUMAN INVESTMENT, among others. Mike Bolam, bass player of crossover and powerviolence stalwarts CRUCIAL UNIT and WARZONE WOMYN (etc.), was brought into the fold shortly after to play bass. Passages of heavy death metal with varying tempos slowly began to take form, reminiscent of the crushing tones of decades past but mingled and mangled with other influences brought to the table by each member of the trio. And with the help of legendary artist Chris Moyen called upon to create the logo, ABYSME was born unto the world. Since that time, the band self-released a demo CD (also on pro tape by Unholy Domain Records), and has shared the stage with many bands. Now, ABYSME are honored to join the roster of Blood Harvest Records and Hellthrasher Productions for their debut release, STRANGE RITES, with Putrid Matt handling the grotesquely appropriate and brilliant artwork.